Anxiety Treatment

Are Stress And Anxiety Preventing You From Living Your Best Life?

Do you find it difficult to relax, let your guard down, or just be present in the moment because of an uncontrollable sense of fear and worry? Are you avoiding seemingly simple tasks like leaving the house or engaging with friends in social situations because it may trigger an anxiety or panic attack?

Perhaps you struggle throughout the day with negative or intrusive thoughts either about yourself or some catastrophe that is always just around the corner. Or maybe you’re experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety, such as sleep problems, chronic upset stomach, muscle tension, or weakness and fatigue.

Anxiety can throw a wrench into every aspect of your life, especially during life transitions and when you have to make decisions. For instance, you may be leaving your childhood home for college or a career, and the stress of not knowing what lies ahead is overwhelming you. 

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Alternatively, you may be taking on the new role of being a parent, but self-doubt and fear numb all the joy you think you should be feeling. Or maybe a fear of failure or even a fear of success is preventing you from changing careers or taking the next step in your relationship.

When anxiety interrupts your life, it can seem as if you are a prisoner to the forces of the world without any power to control your future. 

However, working with a kind and compassionate anxiety counselor can teach you how to regulate your emotions and manage stress so that you can live your best life with greater confidence, purpose, and peace.

Anxiety And Life Stressors Affect Everyone To Some Degree

Life stressors are common for everyone, and most of us have struggled with at least some form of anxiety or stress. How our bodies respond to that adversity is unique to who we are as individuals. 

Typically, when we perceive a threat, our bodies respond by becoming anxious, activating the brain’s natural fight-or-flight survival mechanism. This physiological response, however, can also occur when there is no danger, which can be frustrating, to say the least. In cases like that, the brain gets stuck in survival mode and perceives everything—even the familiar—as a potential threat.

Anxiety can be caused by stress and life transitions, such as becoming a mother, starting a new job, or getting a divorce. But it can also arise from environmental factors involving child neglect, physical/emotional abuse, or trauma. Sometimes, anxiety is simply the result of genetics or a chemical imbalance.  

The point is that what you are going through is not your fault, and you are not weak or broken. There are millions and millions of people dealing with an anxiety or panic disorder of some kind. 

The good news is that anxiety in all its forms is highly treatable. And with our support at Key Counseling Group, you can find healing that transcends merely managing symptoms.

Anxiety Treatment Can Empower You To Lead The Life You Want

Oftentimes, when clients come into counseling for anxiety, they’ve already reached their limit on what they can do to manage their symptoms. However, therapy is really about getting to the core of what is driving your anxiety so you can heal from the inside out. 

So part of working with an anxiety counselor is about having a space to talk about the events that have shaped you. In the process, you’ll have a chance to reprocess any original wounds, enabling you to better cope with and eventually overcome anxiety.

Our intake session will begin with us going over some paperwork, answering any questions you may have, and getting to know your story a little better. Afterward, we’ll explore in greater detail the concerns that bring you to counseling, the underlying causes of your distress, and any experiences in the past that may be affecting you currently. 


In subsequent sessions, we can also examine any life stressors or major transitions that may be causing you anxiety. We’ll also help guide you toward making objective decisions that speak to your values and needs. At the same time, we’ll make sure that you are equipped with breathing exercises, mindfulness skills, and coping strategies that will help you self-soothe and stay grounded both during and after our sessions.

At Key Counseling Group, we work through a person-centered, psychodynamic lens. That means we take into account all of the social, relational, emotional, behavioral, and unconscious factors that define a person’s makeup. Though our main focus will be on long-term healing and growth, we can also address anything that comes up between sessions.

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Usually, there is a link back to anxiety, so even taking care of immediate challenges can be beneficial in the long run.

For treating anxiety, in particular, we often use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help identify triggers, emotions, and negative thoughts or self-beliefs that unconsciously impact your behavior. Once we know what is truly causing the distress, we can work together to create adaptive ways of coping with stress and overcoming anxiety. 

At times, anxiety can seem like a life sentence—as if you’ll never have the power to change anything. But it is possible to find relief from anxiety symptoms and enjoy life without always looking over your shoulder. 

Anxiety treatment can give you the autonomy to make important decisions and manage difficult life transitions. And along the way, it can help you decrease stress, improve your self-confidence, and give you a chance to live the life you always imagined for yourself.  

Perhaps you are considering anxiety treatment, but you still have some concerns…

I am wondering if anxiety treatment will really help with what I am experiencing.

Going to therapy can be a difficult decision to make and it’s often complicated by the fear and doubt that anxiety naturally creates. But anxiety has been widely researched, and it is one of the most successfully treated mental health challenges people experience. And though it will require some work on your part, the more effort you put in, the more rewards you will see from therapy. Together, we’ll work on healing the wounds driving your anxiety while providing you with powerful coping skills for overcoming whatever life throws your way.


My coping skills haven’t worked, so I’m afraid anxiety treatment will make things worse.

Each person and their experience with anxiety is different. Therefore, we have to find the skills that work for you—strategies that consciously help you manage stressors so that you are not blindly searching for solutions. That requires us to identify any survival mechanisms that are currently serving you well while eliminating those that are causing more harm than good. At the same time, we’ll be supplementing your toolbox with new, research-driven coping skills that speak to you and your needs. 


The last thing I can do is fit anxiety therapy into my schedule.

Time constraints are possibly the greatest obstacles to self-care for anyone these days. That’s one of the reasons why our online anxiety counseling service can be so beneficial. It eliminates the hassle of fighting Atlanta traffic, leaving work early, or simply motivating yourself to go. And if you are highly anxious—being able to meet from home, in your car, or wherever you feel most comfortable can actually enhance the healing process. 


Let Us Help You Live The Life You Were Meant To

If anxiety is preventing you from realizing your potential for happiness and success, Key Counseling Group can help. Please email us or call 678-400-9477 for a free consultation or to schedule your first anxiety treatment appointment.


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