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Are you finding it hard to handle all of life's struggles on your own? Want some help sorting it out?  Search no more!  Key Counseling Group is a private therapy practice focused on self-care and well-being. We pride ourselves on our diverse staff comprised of highly trained therapists with a wealth of experience offering individual, couples, family, child/adolescence and group counseling services.  We invite you to explore our site, see who we are, learn about our different specialties (the niches we love) and connect with us!  We hope you will quickly see we are a compassionate and committed bunch who would be honored to work with you in reaching your goals.   A place to learn, heal and grow is here- contact us today! Click here for a free consultation.   

Hello and welcome to Key Counseling Group.  I'm Michelle Hession, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Georgia and a Tele-Mental Health Clinician in the state of Florida. Over the years I have helped countless individuals, new couples, step-parents, woman getting out of narcissistic relationships, and even long term married couples find their way back to center. Let's get you started on the path to thriving in your relationships!  

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Hello, I’m Chris Dorsey and I’m a

Licensed Master Social Worker.  One can accomplish amazing work in therapy when guided by genuineness and empathy.  Whether you’re rebounding from a significant loss in your life, struggling in a care-taker role or seeking direction while feeling stuck in transition, choosing to heal and grow through a therapeutic relationship is the best present you could ever give yourself.  Allow me the pleasure to take this journey with you. Connect with me through our

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Hi, I’m Lindsay Harris, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Georgia and a Tele-Mental Health Clinician in the state of Florida.  I specialize in a range of women’s issues. The work I’m most passionate about is focused on clients that are struggling with infertility, postpartum, and early motherhood, as well as singles and LGBTQ members who are seeking to have children or struggling with coming out and singles/couples going through the adoption process.  I would love to be a source of support and guidance.  Please reach out today by calling or filling out our contact form.  I truly look forward to partnering with you to achieve the family you want!

Hi there!  My name is Tiffany Poke and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with an Educational Specialist Degree in Professional School Counseling.  My ideal client is the child always worried about the “what if”.  What if something happens to me, what if something happens at school?  If the “what ifs” and the anxieties associated with the worrying or perfectionism are impacting your child at home, school or with their peers- there is help!  I absolutely understand what they’re experiencing and relate to what you are feeling as their parent.  You are not alone.  Please contact me now.

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Hi, I’m Lauren Buongiovanni, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and Certified School Psychologist. Over many years, I worked with children, their parents and school teams to understand and address challenges in learning, behavior and social-emotional functioning. I'm passionate about working with individuals, partners and families struggling with managing the emotional trials of life, especially challenges in continuously-evolving relationships. I am here to hold a safe space for you to explore challenging issues and emotions that once resolved, can set you free. Contact me now to get started.

The Key to Your Next Chapter

“We had been dating for a long time and were talking about getting married, but we both had some concerns that were hard to talk about.  We weren’t resolving them on our own.  We needed some help to make sure we were preparing ourselves with some great tools that would help us grow our relationship to where we wanted it to be."

"I love my wife and the new family she has let me become a part of, but I didn't realize how lonely the role of a step-parent would be. I feel like I'm disappointing my wife and in turn, my family. How am I supposed to find my place with the kids while being compared to the biological father? Does my voice really matter? I'm worried if this doesn't get easier, we won't make it."

"It feels like I have been planning my life as long as I can remember, but now after I have finally finished all I have set out to do things are not going according to plan.  All of my friends seem to find dating easy, many are getting married.  I’m worried there is something wrong with me."

"He was wonderful while we were dating, he changed overnight it feels...how did I allow someone to treat me the way he has, were there signs that I missed? I knew I wasn't crazy, but he made me doubt that at times. Now I feel so isolated and alone."

"We got married fairly young so we took our time before trying to have kids.  There was no way to know that we would have trouble getting pregnant.  I feel so broken from this process.   I just want my body to do what it is supposed to do.  Every month that it doesn’t happen, I sink deeper into the disappointment and I don’t know how to manage this pain."


"I was away on vacation with my husband when I got the news.  My mother, the matriarch of our family and my best friend had terminal cancer.  How could this be?  I just saw her two weeks ago!  She looked perfectly fine.  Why didn't she tell me she wasn't feeling well? My life has been turned upside down.  I now go from anger to uncontrollable crying in the span of sixty seconds.  I'm afraid I can't compose myself long enough to be present for my mom.  She needs me now more than ever." 

“I’ve always wanted to be a mother even though I was never sure about how I could make that happen. Growing up as a lesbian, I didn’t think I would be able to have a “traditional” family life. I know now there are various options for single women or women in same sex relationships to have a baby, and I am so grateful, but the process is scary and confusing.  I wish I knew I was making the right decisions.”


"I feel like all I do is work!  There never seems to be much time for friends, for a relationship or just me!  I thought working hard, achieving my goals and doing the right thing would prevent me from ever feeling this stressed, confused or empty.  Sure, the money is great, but I don’t even know if this career is what I want to be in anymore.  I’m considering talking to someone, but I feel embarrassed.  I’m supposed to be the one who always has it all together."

Blake has been getting out of bed more and more to sleep with us.  He says he is scared and has a hard time falling asleep. The dark and quietness of his room seem to send his mind racing.  He also recently mentioned things at school aren’t great and this week he’s had several stomach aches on the way there.  I reassure him and try to be as patient as possible, but maybe it’s time to get more help.  It’s hard seeing such a little person worry so much.

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