LGBTQ+ Counseling

Are You Looking For A Sex-Positive, Kink-Allied LGBTQ+ Therapist?


As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, is the increasing hatred, oppression, and intolerance in our society wearing at your sense of safety—and self-worth? Do you feel like you’re hiding an invisible identity from family or co-workers so that you can experience at least some level of equality?

Perhaps you’re living in a body that doesn’t represent who you are, and you’re struggling to navigate this world with resilience in the face of overwhelming opposition. Or maybe it seems like you are constantly being attacked or scrutinized for how you look, what you feel, and who you love because of your sexual or romantic orientation.


The LGBTQ+ Population Suffers A Broad Spectrum Of Discrimination


At times, you likely feel wrong, sick, or “less than” for being yourself because of toxic messages from society and even the government itself. As a trans or non-binary person, you may live in fear of physical and mental abuse at the hands of people who find you threatening. 

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If you still haven’t come out to others, you could be having trouble deciding who you can trust or talk to. In contrast, you may be the parents of an LGBTQ+ child and want to ensure their safety and well-being—but you have limited resources for support.

Understanding and navigating the fear and hatred in the world can be a frightening journey, but you are not alone. At Key Counseling Group, we value your unique and independent spirit and want to help you live your life with courage, resilience, and unapologetic self-acceptance.

For Most LGBTQ+, Adversity Is An Inescapable Part Of Life


Historically, sexual and gender orientations have been reduced to a binary—but that’s not how biology works. And although LGBTQ+ are told they’re outliers, in a recent global survey of 27 different countries, only 80 percent of people identified as heterosexual. That means 20 percent of the population shares a story similar to yours.


Media and entertainment are making strides in representing more facets and faces of the LGBTQ+ community. And online social networks provide a safe haven for many people. However, at the same time, TV and social media act as powerful platforms for hate speech aimed at our most vulnerable members. 

Moreover, there are roughly 280 bills across state legislatures that target trans children, their parents, guardians, teachers, and healthcare providers who seek only to nurture and support the welfare of these kids. 


Discrimination Against The LGBTQ+ Has Deep Roots


Heterosexism has long been ingrained in our society, and it’s created a complex history of bias and discrimination. For many in the LGBTQ+ community, this means struggling with internalized homophobia from a young age. Without education, counseling, and compassion, that fear can develop into varying degrees of self-hatred that make life even more difficult as an adult.  


And while society's intolerance is the core issue, without counseling, LGBTQ+ folks can continue to think that they are the problem. And that is wrong.

LGBTQ+ Counseling Gives You A Place To Voice Your Pain And Heal


Many people don’t have anyone they can truly talk to for fear of judgment or persecution. However, therapy gives you a safe, warm, and welcoming space to unpack and explore emotions, thoughts, and values relative to your gender identity and sexual orientation. 


At Key Counseling Group, we use LGBTQ+ therapy as a vehicle for self-exploration that will allow you to draw upon your own thoughts and feelings to build self-esteem, self-compassion, and self-love. In turn, you’ll learn how to interrupt unhealthy emotional cycles and develop coping skills for navigating relationships, discrimination, and daily life.


As allies of the LGBTQ+ population, we embrace inclusivity and strive to recognize and correct any unintentional, internal biases we may hold through professional supervision and consultation. In our sessions together, you’ll have the ability to apprise your therapist and their understanding of your truths. Moreover, we’ll always honor your feelings and endeavor to see you as you truly are.

A Little About LGBTQ+ Therapy Sessions


All of our LGBTQ+ counseling services are offered in person and online. That includes a free consultation that will allow you to ask questions and experience the thoughts, communication style, and presence of your counselor. 

We encourage video consultations as it gives us the ability to initially gauge how comfortable you are sitting across from your therapist. Getting started, we’ll meet weekly while collaborating on setting goals and establishing the frequency of future sessions.


Our Philosophy On The Healing Process


Being LGBTQ+ is not a problem; it is an identity and a way of being. So our work will center around whatever is most important or urgent for you. A lot can happen in life between sessions, which is why LGBTQ+ counseling doesn’t have a rigid, linear structure. Rather, we offer a flexible, tailored approach to healing that goes deep and takes care of surface problems too.

Our experienced LGBTQ+ counselors are well-trained and will always strive to be authentic, accepting, and empathetic in their relationship with you. 


We’ll meet you with unconditional positive regard and never judge any of your thoughts or feelings. Through empathic listening, we’ll work to develop a profound, shared awareness of your challenges, responding and inquiring in ways that let you know you are being heard, validated, and understood.


What You Can Take Away From LGBTQ+ Counseling Sessions


As we work together, you’ll begin to develop a greater sense of self-acceptance and self-compassion. You’ll learn skills for cultivating resilience and protecting yourself from harassment and discrimination. We’ll also work on building community through exploring activities, spaces, and events that are safe and nurturing for LGBTQ+ folks.

At Key Counseling Group, we have years of experience helping members of the LGBTQ+ community heal and thrive. And we know that things can get better. Working together, you can gradually unlearn any guilt or shame that you carry and become more grounded and self-assured in your reality. 

Whether you are gay, transgender, non-binary, or of any other gender identity or sexual orientation, LGBTQ+ therapy can help you live your life on your own terms. Over time, you’ll gain the resilience, strength, and skills needed to navigate this complicated world with confidence.

Perhaps You’re Considering LGBTQ+ Counseling, But You Still Have Concerns…


I’m scared that you will judge me for the way I think, act, or feel—or because of my orientation or gender identity.


Our work is based on an open, caring, and non-judgmental way of being. We want you to know that you are safe, you are beautiful, and you are enough just as you are. 


Even so, if you ever feel uncomfortable, misunderstood, or judged in any way whatsoever, you should know that we will thank you for holding us accountable. A client should NEVER feel judged. We base all of our work on that truth.

I don’t think LGBTQ+ therapy can help me. What’s the point?


The daily discrimination and challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community produce immense anxiety, depression, trauma, and feelings of hopelessness. However, therapy has a proven track record of helping people feel better when things are at their worst. 


The most important part of therapy is the strength of the client/therapist relationship. That’s why, if you allow us, we want to understand your world and help you see that you are not alone. Your thoughts and feelings have value, and there is a way for you to find healing and peace.


I’ve had bad experiences with LGBTQ+ counseling before and felt like all my mistakes were put under a microscope.


When we meet, there will be only one expert on your life in the room—and that’s not us. It’s you. So we’re not going to judge you or tell you what you’ve done right or wrong. Rather, what you share with us is sacred, and we’ll treat it that way. Even if you want to discuss things you consider past mistakes, we’ll work to redefine those experiences as something that can help you grow and heal in the present. 


Let Us Help You Navigate This World With Confidence And Resilience


If you are looking for support from an LGBTQ+-friendly therapist who understands the challenges you face, we can help. Please call 678-400-9477 or complete our contact form on the website for your free 15-minute video, phone, or in-person consultation to see how LGBTQ+ counseling can help you live the life you were meant to. 


Chris Dorsey, LMSW

Lindsay Harris, LCSW

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