Discernment Counseling

What is Discernment Counseling?

Sometimes couples who are struggling may need support in determining if couples counseling is really the right next step or if it feels like separation, divorce or a break-up is more appropriate. Discernment Counseling can help when you’re at the point of deciding what to do next in your relationship. Discernment Counseling can also help when a couple has two different ideas of what to do next- one partner is leaning toward a breakup and the other is not. This approach is designed to help you and your partner explore options. 


The goal of this approach is to help you gain increased understanding and communication prior to attempting couples’ therapy with your partner or prior to ending the relationship. This type of couples therapy is a brief, time-limited approach focused on a greater understanding and communication about your options as a couple before making any major decisions. 


Let’s explore if discernment counseling is right for you.

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Michelle Hession, LCSW

Lauren Buongiovanni,