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Life After The Pandemic: Coping With Anxiety As We Return To Normal

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Are you still experiencing anxiety even though the world is reopening? Would you still prefer to live in quarantine for your safety?

It is normal to still feel this way. Our routine for the past year has been to wear a mask whenever you are in public or in the company of others. A lot of people with anxiety during the pandemic only left the house to buy essentials. They were afraid to see their loved ones in fear of contracting COVID-19.

Now that there are more vaccines available, you can go back to the office again. Businesses no longer require you to wear masks. Knowing things are getting back to normal with the virus still out there can be anxiety-provoking if you are still not comfortable in the presence of people. You may be too afraid to go out in public with no mask on or to forget about the social distancing restrictions.

Whether you had anxiety before the pandemic or after, slowly expose yourself to the real world to avoid getting used to living in isolation. Here are some great tips to help you adjust to a post-pandemic world.

Concentrate on What Is In Your Control

Anxiety comes from knowing there are things happening to you that are beyond your control. Focus more on what is in your control as you might be surprised at how much that is. If your friends want to get together with you, make a list of the things you have control over like preferring an outdoor venue and still maintaining six feet apart. Then, you can look over this list and ask your friends if they can comply with your restrictions. Slow down on how much you do at once by seeing one friend at a time or planning shorter local trips.

You should also think back to when you had to adjust to restrictions when the pandemic started. That was a drastic change for you, but you were able to get through it. The same can be said for a post-pandemic world.

Find Things to Be Excited About

Instead of thinking about things that will make you anxious about the world opening up, think about what you will look forward to. Entertainment venues, restaurants, and other businesses that shut down from the pandemic have re-opened again. This no longer means you need to see your loved ones out on the porch or at the park. You could attend fun events again with people you have not seen in a while without living in fear. Even things like getting your haircut or having your annual doctor's appointment can bring you relief in normalcy.

You can also come up with a travel bucket list for places you want to see when more open up. By thinking of joyous activities that occur outside your home, you will be less scared to open the door.

Reach Out for Help

You may need to think about getting professional help if your anxiety has gotten in the way of living. If you are still not making any progress with your anxiety after a few weeks, consider seeking support from a mental health therapist.Notice if your anxiety is interfering in your relationships or if you are experiencing any physical symptoms of anxiety such as stomachaches, headaches or loss of sleep. While some people find re-entering society to be exciting, others are having trouble trusting if it is a good idea to return back to normal. By acknowledging and accepting your own mental health state, you can find productive ways to slowly re-enter society while you speak to a mental health professional. Educate yourself on anxiety therapy and please schedule your first consultation with us by completing our contact form. We are here to help!


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