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Honoring The Life Of Your Pet

Loving and caring for animals is one of the greatest honors in life. From the time they first come into our lives until their last day, they are part of our families. We care for them just as we would a human.

When your furry friend takes their last breath, it is heart-wrenching. Life without them doesn't seem real. Those without animals could never fully understand the pain that comes with losing a pet. But, for those of us who do, we know that this time is extremely hard for you.

You can't just "move on" from such a huge loss, but there are ways to help you cope with this loss. If you are grieving over the loss of your pet, know that you aren't alone and there are ways that you can honor their life.

Create A Memorial Spot For Them

This may be something you do down the road, but it is a great way to remember your pet. If they had a favorite spot in the living room or outside, you can create a memorial of sorts for them. We have seen many beautiful memorials for an animal. Perhaps our favorite one is attaching their collar to the bowl they ate or drank out of. Then either painting or engraving their name with the year range that you had them. You can take it one step further and place a photo of them inside the bowl.

However you choose to memorialize them, it will be special and meaningful for you.

Make A Photo Album

Let's face it, we all take thousands of photos of our pets. It seems as if no matter what they are doing, it always pulls at our heartstrings and we want to capture these moments.

Put these photos to good use and create a photo album. Photos are truly a window to the past and will give you a reason to look back and remember the life of your pet.

Donate To A Shelter Or Organization

A beautiful way to honor your pet's life is to give back to local organizations and animal shelters.

If you adopted your pet from a local shelter, consider giving back to them by donating food, toys, or blankets. Even if it's just a small monetary donation, you can honor the life of your pet by helping those still in need. It is a great way to help those who have a heart for caring for animals as a way to remember your own pet.


Your beloved pet always needed you. There are many shelters out there that also need you and other people, to keep their operations running. Many operate on a low budget through grants and donations. Even if you got your pet from a breeder, you can still give back to the animal community by helping the pets in need. It will help with the shelter's current stress levels but it will also help the pets there eventually find a loving home. And what better way to honor your pet's life by giving another the chance to receive that love.

Remember That You Are Grieving

Most people associate grief with the loss of a human. But, the death of a pet is something that many people grieve over. There are plenty of people out there who don't get the attachments you can have to a pet. The important thing to remember in this moment is that you are grieving. That was your best friend, your whole world. You depended on them for companionship just as much as they did you to take care of them.

You can't just move on from the death of anything close to you and that should be no different with a pet. So if you don't feel like going out or socializing, it's okay. You suffered a loss and it will take time for you to feel normal again.


Grief comes in many forms and pet loss is no exception. If you are struggling with grief and overcoming the loss of your pet, please reach out to us on our contact form so we can help you find ways to honor the life of your pet.