Millenial Counseling

Millenials get a bad rep from a lot of sources, but let's face it, life isn't a cake walk for your generation. With the speed of technology these days, social media and being 'plugged in' all the time, there is no escaping the images of happy couples and families moving forward. Maybe you feel like you're not where you expected to be, maybe you feel left behind. We can help you set your own pace, and feel comfortable with your life again. Don't wait another minute without reaching out. 

"It feels like I have been planning my life as long as I can remember, but now after I have finally finished all I have set out to do things are not going according to plan.  All of my friends seem to find dating easy, many are getting married.  I’m worried there is something wrong with me."


Michelle Hession, LCSW

Chris Dorsey, LMSW


Lauren Buongiovanni,

Anna Beilman, APC, NCC