Miscarriage & Grief Counseling

Coping with miscarriage can be an extremely devastating, isolating, and lonely experience. Maybe you are having to tell family and friends the news or are going through before announcing. You might be feeling confused, shameful, guilty, or embarrassed. Maybe you’re feeling like it’s difficult to establish a new normal or are experiencing symptoms of depression. It’s important to reach out to someone for support and help in normalizing feelings and decreasing shame or blame.
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“I’ve been feeling so sad, heartbroken, and guilty. I feel like I did something wrong or like it was my fault, even though everyone around me says it’s not. I feel ashamed to talk about it but can’t stop thinking about the life I had imagined. Friends and family mean well but often say things that make me feel worse. I really need a safe space to share.”


Lindsay Harris, LCSW