Non-Traditional Families

The process of becoming a parent can bring ups and downs for any person, but a single woman or lesbian partners have a unique journey that deserves its own attention. Sorting through others’ opinions or fighting against family stereotypes, it can be a difficult process to navigate even though it feels like a hopeful time. Here at Key Counseling Group, we have clinicians that specifically relate and have traveled this similar journey to motherhood. We are ready to listen and excited to walk with you as you take this big step towards parenthood. Contact us today to learn more


“I’ve always wanted to be a mother even though I was never sure about how I could make that happen. Growing up as a lesbian, I didn’t think I would be able to have a “traditional” family life. I know now there are various options for single women or women in same sex relationships to have a baby, and I am so grateful, but the process is scary and confusing.  I wish I knew I was making the right decisions.”


Lindsay Harris, LCSW

John Fuente, EdS

Lauren Buongiovanni,