Life Transitions and Stress

Life transitions can be stressful as feelings of comfortability and familiarity are replaced with fear and vulnerability.  We live in a world that has taught us to be very uncomfortable with uncertainty.  Therefore, we become anxious when our lives are interrupted.  These transitions give us an opportunity learn about our strengths and reconsider what we want out of life.  Exploring ones values and belief system in a therapeutic alliance can result in a sense of renewal, stability and increased vitality. Contact us today to learn more.


"I feel like all I do is work!  There never seems to be much time for friends, for a relationship or just me!  I thought working hard, achieving my goals and doing the right thing would prevent me from ever feeling this stressed, confused or empty.  Sure, the money is great, but I don’t even know if this career is what I want to be in anymore.  I’m considering talking to someone, but I feel embarrassed.  I’m supposed to be the one who always has it all together."


Chris Dorsey, LMSW

Anna Beilman, APC, NCC


John Fuente, APC

Jennifer Haire, LMSW