Couples Counseling



You're finally ready to take the next step, but you've realized that there are some big topics that are just a little tough to tackle by yourselves. That's ok! So many couples use Pre-Marital Counseling to get started on the right foot and work through those tough topics before they become an issue. Think of it as preventative work - give us a call and we will get you started. 


Couples Counseling


Maybe you're married, maybe you're not, all you know is that things aren't what they used to be and you miss it. You're ready to find that connection again and work through the patterns that you constantly find yourselves in. Couples counseling is for any couple struggling to get close again - let's increase your intimate connection and get your relationship back on track! 


Discernment Counseling


Do you want to work on your marriage?  Does your partner?  Or do you or your partner have one foot out the door already?  

Let us be clear.

Couples counseling WILL NEVER WORK IF both parties are unable to be

— fully present

— fully invested and

— put their full effort into the repair process, with divorce off the table.



And that is precisely where DISCERNMENT COUNSELING comes into play.

It allows you and your spouse to do the following:

- It offers you both a chance to pause in the craziness of everyday life

- Take some dedicated time to reflect on your marriage, as it was, as it is and as you’d like it to be

- That way you can see what exactly happened that got you to the place where you are today

- It allows you both to think about what your options are

- It allows you to make a confident decision about what your next steps should be


If you are at this crucible — Discernment Therapy is for you.  

Discernment counseling serves as a precursor to marriage counseling.  

When the two of you are on the verge of divorce because one or both of you are considering divorce as an option – but –  you are not sure whether that is really what you desire – the discernment process can help.


The overall process of discernment counseling typically consists of 1-5 sessions.

Because of its layout, the first session is 2 hours in length, subsequent sessions are 90 minutes in length and include both together and individual time with the therapist.

Both people in the couple need to be present for the entirety of the sessions.

This process is a precursor to marriage counseling.

As such, it is not intended to solve marriage problems.

Rather, it allows us to see if there is even a potential to solve them AND if that can be agreed on by both you and your spouse.



“We had been dating for a long time and were talking about getting married, but we both had some concerns that were hard to talk about.  We weren’t resolving them on our own.  We needed some help to make sure we were preparing ourselves with some great tools that would help us grow our relationship to where we wanted it to be."